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Even though you cannot physically join towards conservation you can be a part of conservation programs by donating Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society. You can follow our conservation efforts through or

Why Donate?

Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect rich bio diversityin our country by educating people about wonders of nature and help Conservation . We pledge to use every resource at our disposal for the purpose of protecting and restoring the environment through conservation, education and reform. Even if you only have a rupee to give, we greatly appreciate even that, and those who benefit from that donation appreciate it even more. Every cent counts, and a rupee can do a lot of good by using it in our conservation projects.We welcome and appreciate all donations. Please feel free to give

If I Dont Have Money to Donate

For those of you who cannot give money, we understand. Perhaps your time is an even more precious gift than monetary resources. Every second you spend educating your fellow man about conservation or the environment, lobbying for reform, or actively participating in conservation projects may prolong the life of one or more of your favorite species by years. If each person can save just one creature, then isn’t it worth the effort? Be a Part of Nade Gura Team give us your support by attending conservation programs

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