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: Who is Nade Gura? What Do we Do?

NNade Gura Non-Profit Travel & Conservation Society of Sri Lanka is a voluntary body with members drawn from all parts of the country and all walks of life. The Society's primary objective is to foster the conservation of Sri Lanka's wildlife and natural habitats & promote the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society believes that responsible ecotourism can highlight the need to conserve the world's natural resources, especially wildlife and flora. By enabling our clients to experience first-hand the natural world, we believe people will naturally want to protect the things they have seen. So we can arrange trips to show you the wonders of nature & also we can help you to plan your own trip.

Our missoin

Our Mission includes:
* protecting and managing habitats, particularly native vegetation
* arranging conservation programs & taking efforts towards conservation
* promoting the rich culture / heritage and bio diversity of our motherland.
* educating the community through reports,video presentations,photos.
* co-operating with other conservation groups and land managers
* study about threatened species and making awareness programs.
* trip & workshop planning & promoting responsible tourism.


We live in a world where resources are rapidly diminishing against the activities of human. We have polluted the air and water, and made choices that have resulted in biological and geological changes that will alter life on Earth for centuries. Natural resources including water ,land, fish, plants, animals and trees have been depleted to a degree that many species are unable to maintain a sustainable level to regenerate themselves.

I am too much of an optimist to believe it is already too late to save this world.But with many small steps by individuals and all the other conservation organizations we can still have hope to save the world. As a first step we formed a organization to save the rich bio diversity of our motherland. With this thought Myself & a group of like minded individuals formed a Green organization called Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society. We already had plessure of arranging few conservation projects alsong with Wild Life Department. If you are a nature enthusiastic or an adventurer you are welcome to join us...

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